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Who would prefer to encounter problems when they can be prevented with regular garage door maintenance in Everett, Washington? Just the harsh local climate is enough to take a toll on the garage door, let alone the daily use. Even the most expensive and durable garage doors work better and do so for longer, when they are occasionally maintained. Don’t you want the same for your garage door? Reach Garage Door Repair Masters Everett to put all common troubles behind and say hello to a new day.

Garage Door Maintenance Everett

Entrust the garage door maintenance in Everett to us – see why

You may ask why trust the Everett garage door maintenance to us! We’ll tell you. It all has to do with the possibilities we offer to our customers. For example, you can book maintenance whenever you feel like it, or sign up for regular servicing. And this you can schedule annually or semi-annually. It’s also good to know that all maintenance services are provided by techs with experience in all types & brands of garage doors. By pros trained to inspect garage doors and maintain them accurately. Skilled in garage door troubleshooting, they always catch issues and thus complete the service in the best possible manner.

On top of everything else, the garage door maintenance service cost is reasonable. You don’t pay much to have the garage door maintained. The cost doesn’t affect your budget, while the service prevents problems and distances the need for repairs. While we are ready to cover all garage door repair Everett WA needs, we always recommend maintenance to our customers. What’s best than preventing problems?

Detailed garage door maintenance service checklist

The service includes many stages. The pros follow a rather long and truly detailed checklist to make sure the necessary garage door adjustment, repairs, lubrication, cleaning and all things are done. They start by checking all parts, including the safety features and all the components of the opener. They remove old lubes and debris. They apply fresh lubes. They make sure all fasteners are tight and all parts are aligned. Everything – from the garage door balance to the tracks and the opener, is checked and fixed, as demanded. That’s the value of this service. And when it is offered regularly, the benefits are plenty and your mind in peace. Got some questions? Need a quote? Like to book your Everett garage door maintenance? Get in touch with us.  

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